2018년 9월 기준으로 배대지로 신청한 GNC 주문이 취소되어서, 기록 차원에서 글을 남깁니다.

1. 첫번째 기록

- 배대지 : 고배송 NJ센터

- 카드 : 신한 체크카드(VISA). 신한카드 특성상 해외 주소지 설정 불가능.

- 2시간 정도만에 GNC 측에서 주문 취소시킴(2시간 동안 Order Status에 Pending Review 떠있다가 Cancelled 로 바뀜.ㅠ)

2. 두번째 기록

- 배대지 : 고배송 NJ센터

- 카드 : 우리 신용카드(VISA). 해외 주소지 설정하고 도전.

- Pending Review. -_-;;

- 느낌이 싸~해서 40시간 정도 지났을 때 Chat 상담 시도했었는데, 48시간 이내에는 무조건 기다리라는 답변을 받았음.

- 그러나 48시간 즈음에 GNC 측에서 주문 취소시킴(48시간 동안 Pending Review 상태였음.)

배대지 가리는 듯합니다.

아니면 고배송 NJ센터 측의 주소지가 GNC 전산에서 식별이 안 되거나.

(카드사 해외주소와 GNC의 빌링어드레스, 배송주소까지 일치시켰는데도 취소시키네요.)

참고용으로 라이브챗 기록 첨부합니다.

Info at 10:30, Sep 20: Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly.

Info at 10:30, Sep 20: Thank you for contacting the new GNC, you are now chatting with Karen. How may I assist you today?

Me at 10:31, Sep 20: Hello Karen. Can you check my order # 삐리리 ? "Order Status : Pending Review" lasts more than 24 hours.

Karen at 10:31, Sep 20: Hi, Me. Please wait for a moment while I check on that for you.

Me at 10:31, Sep 20: OK.

Karen at 10:32, Sep 20: I'd be happy to help you. Can you please verify the name and billing zip code on the order?

Me at 10:32, Sep 20: Card's Name is 삐리리. And billing zip code is 07601.

Karen at 10:32, Sep 20: Thank you. Your order, 삐리리, is currently processing. All orders placed online require 1-2 full business days to process at which time it will show in your account and you will get an order confirmation email. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a detailed shipping confirmation email that will include tracking information.

Me at 10:33, Sep 20: OK. Than, should I wait more?

Karen at 10:34, Sep 20: Yes, at least 24-48 hours from the time the order was placed.

Me at 10:34, Sep 20: OK. Thank you for help. Hava a nice day.

Karen at 10:34, Sep 20: You're welcome. Is there anything else that I may assist you with today? ​​​​​​​

Me at 10:34, Sep 20: No. Thank you.

Karen at 10:34, Sep 20: Thank you for chatting with me, Me. Live Well and have a great day.

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